Andrew Winnegar

Southwest ADA Center


Andrew Winnegar provides consultation for the Southwest ADA Center. He represents the SW-ADA as an Advisory Board member of the New Mexico Technology Assistance Program. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas and the University of Wisconsin-Stout holding a Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation. Andy’s career in the field of rehabilitation includes working in Independent Living, community rehabilitation, public schools and as the Deputy Director for the New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for twenty years. In that capacity, he served as the Director of the New Mexico Technology Assistance program and many innovative federal grant programs. Andy has a long history with the ILRU and the Southwest ADA Center. He presented the SW-ADA Center’s Small Business Reasonable Accommodation Plan at the 2010 RSA Employment Conference. He was also honored as the 2007 RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineer and Assistive Technology Society of North America) Conference, Don Ross Invited Lecturer – Early eployment of Reasonable Accommodations for State Government Workers.