Top ADA Cases of 2021

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time Zone


2021 was a year of reopening, new or revised mandates as well as a new administration. This legal webinar will review key 2021 ADA decisions under all Titles of the ADA, and discuss their potential implications on future ADA litigation. Start the New Year off right with a better understanding of the most important ADA cases decided in 2021 and the implications that they may have for the future!

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Barry Taylor, VP for Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation, Equip for Equality

Rachel Weisberg, Managing Attorney, Equip for Equality

Questions for presenters:

1 I work in education and have a difficult time with teachers understanding the "why" of creating accessible documents/web pages for their learners. Are there specific cases within K12 and Adult Education (not colleges or universities as they have far more monetary resources to deal with accessibility) that can highlight the "why" accessibility is important? I often get "I don't have those students in my class." We deal with adults, they don't have to disclose a disability, but they could benefit from accessible resources. Or, creating accessible documents (slideshows, web pages) just takes too much time. I'm looking for hammers and feathers to help guide my teachers to a practice of creating/providing accessible documents, and equitable learning opportunities for ALL.
2 Have there been any cases providing clarity for construction tolerances for accessibility requirements expressed as absolute numbers? I am an architect and understand that when the requirements are expressed as a range the tolerances are implicit within that range. For example, the height of changing room bench is 17" to 19" and an aware designer could specify 18" as the height on the construction documents. Other requirements are expressed as an absolute number, such as the 1 1/2" space between a grab bar and the wall on which it is mounted. I have seen recessed toilet paper dispensers with 1/8" flanges that reduce the 1 1/2" clearance for a short distance along the grab bar's length. Is this a reasonable construction tolerance that does not affect usability?
3 Have there been ADA cases for pedestrian maintenance of traffic sets up or lack of set ups within roadway construction projects?
4 How do postsecondary institutions assess whether or not a request for flexible attendance/assignment extensions is disability-related? How is a reasonable cap on absences determined?
5 My service dog is not mean but my physician is afraid of him, and so he said my dog was a threat to him and now denies me treatment if I refuse to leave my PTSD service dog in my vehicle alone. I'm trying to find another physician, but it is difficult at the moment in my area and has been since the first lock down. What can I do? I reported it to ADA, I had video of his verbally attacking me on my visit because I was having a PTSD and Anxiety attack he was literally causing. Thank you for your kind response. Jewell
6 Hello, Have there been any cases that impact banks or financial institution?
7 How has Covid influenced legal developments? What about jurisdiction/work from home?

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