Reasonable accommodations in the workplace for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Twenty five years after the passage of the ADA and people who are deaf or hard of hearing continue to experience a high rate of unemployment and barriers to receiving accommodations in the workplace. Some of the common questions that arise in the workplace regarding job accommodations for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing include "Do I need to pay for a sign language interpreter?" "How does someone who is deaf answer the telephone?" "What is a hearing dog and is that the same as a service animal?" "How can someone who is deaf become a nurse?" Join this session and discussion with nationally recognized leader in the deaf community with experience and expertise addressing the rights of individuals with disabilities to review and discuss accommodations for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing in the workplace and learn more about what the courts are saying.

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Howard Rosenblum, Chief Executive Officer, NAD