National EEOC ADA Research Project: What does the data tell us about Title I complaints and resolutions?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The EEOC has entered into a cooperative agreement with researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University to mine the data collected by the EEOC since the implementation of the employment provisions of the ADA. Some of the questions that the researchers hope to answer through this effort include: 1. What is the specific nature and scope of workplace discrimination against people with disabilities? 2. To the extent that employers perpetrate workplace discrimination, does it vary as a function of the employers industry, location or size? 3. Does workplace discrimination affect Americans with disabilities in different ways as a function of personal characteristics such as type of impairment, gender, age, race or ethnicity? Join us as these questions along with others are discussed by the individuals involved in this project and learn what they have found to date. Explore how this information can be used to inform policymakers and shape the way that employers may respond to their obligations under the ADA.


Brian McMahon, Research Fellow, U.S. Department of Education